IT Hardware Asset Management

IT Hardware Asset Management

The purpose of an ITAM strategy is to get a greater financial understanding of the software and hardware the company has in use, the lifecycle of those assets, and the assets the company intends to purchase. Implementing an ITAM strategy helps improve the utilization of current hardware and software and eliminate wasted resources, saving companies time and money.

Comprehensive Auto-discovery and Hardware Inventory
  • Discover Inventory assets on–premise and in the cloud
  • Locates and updates devices automatically (physical, virtual,
    blade, clusters, switches etc)
  • Autodiscover certificates by IP range, in bulk, or from a URL
  • Complete inventory of all your SSL certificates
Track Relationships Between Assets
  • Track and visualize relationships between assets
  • Powerful ability to track and visualize device dependencies:
    • Quickly understand the trickle-down effect of a service interruption if a
      server or service were to become unavailable
    • Between Virtual Host or Blade Chassis to contained VMs
    • Between Hosts and Service connections between them
    • Provides a clear map of your operations
QR Codes & Asset Tags
  • Auto–generate QR and/or barcodes, plus built-in smartphone
  • Use your mobile devices for IT Asset Management
  • Print customized QR codes and auto-assign customizable asset
Automated Warranty Check and Contract Tracking
  • Centrally manage all IT contract information for your Hardware assets across the organization
  • Track purchases and contracts for all asset types
  • Automated warranty lookups! Automatically retrieve warranty information from vendors which is simultaneously added into the Device42 database.
Virtual Machines, Containers and Cloud Inventory
  • Cloud and server discovery that supports all widely used hypervisors and cloud providers
  • Print customized QR codes and auto-assign customizable asset numbers
Fully Integrated CMDB
  • The CMDB is single source of truth that provides a clear view
    of your IT ecosystem
  • Identify, manage, and verify all configuration items (CI) in your
  • Get notified in advance before your certificates expire

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