Demand Forecasting, Planning & Management

Demand Forecasting, Planning & Management

Manufacturers often face the challenge of “what is the optimal quantity to produce for this month?”. If too much is produced, we might have items stuck in our warehouse. If too little is produced, we might lose our customers to competition.

Our Demand Management Solution creates a marketplace where there is online real time information flow between Distributors and Manufacturers, as well as Retailers. The solution also ensures production is planned more optimally using a combination of historical data, as well as collaboration from internal and external stakeholders to improve the accuracy of sales and Production plans


Key Features

  • Unconstrained Demand Planning
  • Demand Review (Consensus)
  • Supply Review (Constrained Demand)
  • Reconciliation & Management Review (Approvals)
  • Reports, Analytics and KPIs
  • Market Place Collaboration
Unconstrained Demand Planning
Review sales history data and customer forecasts, and generate “unconstrained” time-based Demand
Constrained Demand Panning
Factor in constraints such as operational costs, production capacity, resource constraints etc to arrive at a constrained-based demand plan
External Collaboration
External Market place collaboration with other players such as Transporters, Distributors, Retailers, Warehouses and other institutions
The optimized Demand plans are presented to senior management for approval and subsequent implementation
Internal Collaboration
Internal Collaboration with other departments such as Marketing, Sales, Production, Finance etc.
Final Consensus
Analysis and “what if” scenario simulations used to fine-tune and improve the Demand plans
Consensus Demand Planning
Review Forecast data in conjunction with the sales, marketing and finance Departments

Typical Business Challenges solved

  • Improved accuracy of sales and production forecasts
  • Direct collaboration with Distributors inputting their own Demand Forecasts, thereby reducing the risk of forecast errors
  • Reduced effort in multiple Sales Order Creation – Customer create their own sales orders which are automatically transferred to the ERP System
  • Customers can indicate which Sales Orders they are making payment for saving tons of reconciliation time
  • Reduced overhead for the Sales Team as customers can check their own “balance on account”, “credit limits”, “outstanding invoices” from their own dashboard
  • Improved collaboration and information sharing such ETAs for Product Delivery, Proof of Delivery, Incident Notifications and other events
  • Sales promotion information dissemination is made easier as all customers can now receive sales promo information online real time

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