SAP Data Archiving Solutions

SAP Data Archiving Solutions

When businesses migrate from one business application to a new one, they are often faced with the need to access their historical data for regulatory and other reporting purposes. Having to access report on data from two independent systems can be an effort, inconvenient and prone to errors.

When you move from one SAP Solution landscape to another, you don’t have to cris cross between your new system and your legacy system to view historical data.

Our SAP Data Archiving solutions not only allows you to store your Legacy data at low costs, it also provides a User Interface that allows you to access your historical Legacy data directly from your new system



Key Features

  • Archived Data Storage powered by Azure, AWS, Google
  • Robust Access Control Functionalities
  • Data Retention Policies & Compliance Enforced
  • Integration with SAP Solutions
  • Report on Historical Legacy Data anytime

Benefit of SAP Data Archiving Solutions

  • Cheap Archive Data Storage
  • Archive data is saved directly in an unchangeable format fulfilling legal requirements
  • Data compression for an optimal usage of the storage platform
  • Data extension includes metadata such as retention and storage periods fulfilling data retention compliance requirements
  • Business Users utilize familiar User Interface, so no additional training required
  • Flexibility to decide what data to move to the archive from the system, when to move it and how long to keep it for

Typical Business Challenges solved

  • No need to pay Software Maintenance costs on Legacy systems just for “read only” data access
  • Access to historical data in legacy system directly from the new solution e.g. SAP ECC Data accessible from SAP S/4 Hana Solution
  • Automation of Data Retention policies making compliance easier

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