Knowledge Centre Services

Knowledge Centre Services

With attrition rates getting higher in organisations, based on current realities, retaining organisational knowledge and being able to transfer that becomes more critical for business sustainability. The Knowledge center is the organisation’s “one version of the truth” for all internally generated documents. 


Our Approach

Create a Knowledge Mgt. Structure​
We create an effective knowledge management structure with portals and folders for easy information storage and retrieval
Review & Place Documents Correctly
Induvial documents are reviewed to ensure placement in the right places where they could be easily found
Trial Tests & Fine Tunning
Access Management ensures only the right people have access to information
Access & Security Management
Live Launch

Business Pain Points Addressed

Organisation Knowledge Repository
Ensures critical information such as project documentation, letters, requirements documents, operational manuals, Quality Documents, Forms, Recorded Training etc. are stored in the Company’s knowledge centre for easy future reference.
Document Versioning
Significant reduction in document versioning issues. The Knowledge centre is the organisation’s “one version of the truth” for all internally generated documents
Knowledge Transfer
Ensures ease of knowledge transfer to new employees while ensuring consistency in transfer.
Access Control
Manage access control to documents, files and folders. Only employees with the need can access documents relevant to them

Got Questions?

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