Why SAP Project Fails

From our experience, when most companies start their SAP journey, they are too inexperienced to know the pitfalls as they usually have no SAP expert in house guiding them. They usually take SAP as just another Software Implementation, spend millions, but yet don't achieve the desired results. They are left wondering why this so 'celebrated' SAP with such resounding success and attestations globally is not working for them. While some are confused, some have totally lost faith that SAP can ever work for them. The truth is SAP is designed to work and can work for any company.

Here are some of the reasons SAP Implementations often fail:

  1. Using Inexperienced implementation consultants.
  2. Inadequate Business Preparation for 'what is coming'
  3. Seeing SAP implementation as just 'another Software Implementation'
  4. Quality of Project and Integration Management
  5. Absence of or ineffective Project Governance Structure and Framework
  6. Poor quality of the SAP Blueprint Solution Design Document and inadequate articulation of key Business Requirements in the SAP Blueprint Document
  7. Quality and Availability of Business Subject Matter Experts deployed to work with the consultants
  8. Inadequate or Advanced planning for Business Resource requirements
  9. Inadequate participation of Business HODs in Project activities
  10. Inadequate Organizational Change Management (Communication, Stakeholder Engagement, General Awareness, Role Mapping and Training)
  11. Poor attention to Data clean up and Data Migration strategy

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