Good RFP Sample

The quality of your SAP RFP is as good as the quality of response you would get back from bidders. In writing a good RFP, there are certain key information that must be requested from bidders as shown below.

For consistency and ease of comparison, it is very important that as much as possible, for each topic bidders are to respond to, they are provided with templates or a structure within which they are expected to respond. This is important as bidders could often have different interpretations of your requirements, respond completely differently to what you are expecting making it difficult to compare bidder responses across board. Below are key topics that must be covered in a good RFP:

  1. Introduction & Background: Provide Company Description and nature of your business, current solution landscape as well as current technical landscape. Also provide your key project mandate and objectives.
  2. Project Scope: Provide the Organizational, Functional, and Geographical scope you intend the project to cover.
  3. Service Scope: Be clear and specific about the services you require from the bidders. This may include Project Management, Solution Architecture and Integration Management, Solution Blueprint Design, Solution Build, Configuration and Testing, Training, Organisational Change Management, Data Preparation and Migration, Deployment (Cutover and Go Live), Reporting & Consolidation, Technical Design and Support, Post Implementation Hyper Care Support (3 Months), Transition Planning to Support, Integration of Business Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Super Users
  1. 4. Technical Proposal Template: Create a Technical Proposal Template with all the sections required. Key sections of the proposal are:
    - Understanding of project’s requirements
    - Understanding of the Project Scope and Deliverables
    - Proposed Solution Design
    - Detailed Implementation Methodology and Approach
    - Proposed Technical Design and approach based on the project scope
    - Quality Management Approach
    - Project Management Approach including your proposed Risk and Issue Management approach
    - Proposed Implementation Plan
    - Resourcing Plan (refer our White Paper for a sample Resourcing Plan template)
    - Previous SAP Implementation Credentials
    - CVs of resources that will be on the project (refer our White Paper for a sample CV Template)

    5. Commercial Proposal Template: Refer our White Paper for a sample Commercial template

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